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Looked after children placed by other local authorities in Suffolk

Details of services and facilities available to looked after children and young people placed in Suffolk

The information explained in the Word document below is to help staff who work for local authorities outside of Suffolk, to understand how to access the diverse range of services and support available to children who are placed in our county. Please feel free to share this information with all relevant professionals within your local area.

The letter also contains useful information for any of your foster carers who reside in Suffolk, so that they are aware of the services available for children and young people living in our area.

What does the letter explain?:

  • The process for notifying children and young people's services at Suffolk County Council about a placement by another area authority of a looked after child in Suffolk (this relates to both the starting or ending of a placement)
  • How to access universal, Family Support (Early Help) and specialist services for children living in Suffolk
  • The arrangements that support the safeguarding of looked after children in Suffolk