How our works may affect you

Information on how our roadworks in the county may effect you.

The following FAQs have been compiled to help answer any questions you may have around how our works may affect you.

Yes, the majority of the time you will be able to. When the road is closed, staff on-site will be able to make sure that you can get through safely.

If we are working directly outside your property, we will do everything we can to make sure that you still get in when you want to. However, if for example, we are digging up the road or path right outside your property, there may be periods of around 15 to 20 minutes when you may temporarily not be able to get in or out.

We notify the below services of works taking place across the county.

  • emergency services
  • local bus operators
  • councils for bin collections.

If an emergency vehicle needs to get in, access would immediately be made available. Access will also be made available for any residents needing to leave their property immediately for an emergency situation - please speak to a member of the team on site who will assist.

If you know that you will require access during our works for deliveries or at short notice, please speak to a member of staff on site and let them know when and what times access is required. Our teams will do all they can to try and accommodate your request however, due to health and safety reasons access may not always be possible.

Depending on the type of works being undertaken, it may be necessary for you to temporarily park your vehicle elsewhere at a nearby location. We apologise for this and will do all we can to assist residents however, the safety of our operatives and residents is paramount. If for medical reasons this is not possible, please make our teams on site aware so they can ensure arrangements are made.

If your bin was not collected due to roadworks taking place, your local district/borough council will arrange for their teams to return at a later time.

To report a missed bin collection, please contact your local district/borough council.

To find your nearest council, please visit Borough, district, parish and town councils

We know its important customers are aware businesses are open, so where appropriate we will put up notices or display signs saying "Businesses open as usual".

The nature of roadworks and the equipment that we use means that works can be noisy. We will do everything we can to keep noise to the minimum possible. 

We plan roadworks in advance, so to take into account bad weather or other delays, we give dates that cover the range of days that we could be on site (with a few extra days planned in just in case). If we need to make major changes to the dates of works, we will update the information boards on sites.

When we close a road and put a diversion in place, it needs to be a route that can be accessed by all shapes and sizes of vehicles. We make the diversion as clear as possible, but people may choose to use other local roads. Read more about diversion routes for road closures.

Sometimes we need to leave sites with barriers around them so that new surfaces can finish drying off. Often our teams are scheduled to collect the signs at a later date. Occasionally we may leave signs behind by mistake. If you do see them more than two weeks after we have finished, give us a call on 0345 606 6171 and we will come and collect them.

There is no statutory provision for compensation from loss of business or additional costs incurred caused by roadworks, or other disruptions on the highway. Businesses should acquire relevant business interruption insurance to cover such losses. 

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