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Lorry exemption permits

Find information about weight limit exemption permits for lorry access.

Please note: As of 17 March 2020, all permit applications should be sent electronically if possible. Once assessed and, if approved, your permit will returned to you via email. We would advise that, should we require a fee, the best method of payment is for Suffolk County Council to invoice you for the amount, as a cheque may take significant time to process.

We issue permits to enable hauliers to use 7.5 tonnes weight restricted roads for journeys which start and finish within a short distance of the weight restriction.  

We currently issue permits for the following:

  • A1088 between Elmswell and Ixworth - Download a map of the extent of the weight restriction A1088 (PDF, 630KB)
  • C408/C409 Saxham Street 
  • C634 Barham 
  • B1106 Fornham 

Permits are issued only for local journeys and must be placed in a visible and prominent position on the nearside of the front windscreen of the vehicle at all times when using the restricted road.


From 1 October 2019, the cost of each 7.5 tonnes weight restriction permit is £30 (to cover the cost of administering and managing the permit process).  

Apply for a lorry exemption permit

To apply, download and complete the 7.5 tonnes weight restriction permit application form (Word, 36KB) then send it with a cheque made payable to "Suffolk County Council" to the address shown below.

Please note, we are unable to process applications until we receive full payment of the £30 fee for each requested permit.  

If for any reason your application is refused, we will return the cheque to you.

Further information

You can find information on the most suitable routes for lorries travelling around Suffolk on our Lorry Route Network Map (PDF, 347KB).

Please use our heavy goods vehicle incident report to tell us about any problems caused by lorries on a Suffolk highway.