Book a Recycling Centre time slot

Find out how to book a time slot online for a Recycling Centre in Suffolk as part of a phased re-opening.

Phased re-opening of Recycling Centres

Recycling Centres have re-opened following closure due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

You need to book a time slot online to visit your local Recycling Centre as part of this phased re-opening.

Using a booking system will:

  • reduce the waiting times of visitors to each Recycling Centre
  • help manage traffic to avoid a dangerous build-up of cars on the roads

Please do not come to a Recycling Centre without a booking. 

We ask the public to consider holding on to items that can be safely stored at home or disposed of through other legitimate routes (e.g household collections, bulky waste collections, garden waste collections ) before booking an appointment to come to a Recycling Centre. This will help to keep a good throughput of visitors and allow as many people as possible to access the sites.

You must not visit a Recycling Centre if you or anyone in your household: 

  • has tested positive for COVID-19
  • has COVID-19 symptoms
  • are shielding or at higher risk of coronavirus

How booking a time slot works 

Suffolk Recycling Centres are open from 9am to 5pm every day except Thursdays (open until 7pm) and Wednesdays (closed). 

You can book a 15-minute time slot to deposit your waste, which includes: 

  • 10 minutes to unload your vehicle
  • 5 minutes to park up and exit the site

Please do not arrive more that 5 minutes before the start of your scheduled time slot. We will try to ensure you enter the site at your designated time, however please be aware some sites are required to temporarily close to empty containers.

When booking you'll need to say if you'll be arriving by car, in a car-derived van (no other vehicles allowed), or as a pedestrian or cyclist.

You can only make one booking for a Recycling Centre per household per week. 

What are the rules at Recycling Centres?

You must: 

  • arrive in the car/car-derived van you registered when booking (if driving)
  • wash your hands before and after your visit (and wear gloves if possible) 
  • stay in the car until parked (including passengers) 
  • unload the car yourself as staff cannot assist you (only one adult should unload the vehicle, unless two adults are needed for heavy items)
  • ensure any COVID-19 waste is left at home for 72 hours (3 days) before double-bagging and bringing to site
  • follow social distancing rules to protect the health of staff and visitors 

Before you book

Please be aware that until further notice: 

  • only pre-booked cars and car-derived vans are permitted on site - no other vans, trailers or commercial type vehicles
  • no trade waste will be accepted on site
  • we will not be accepting any items for re-use 

We will re-introduce the above when we're able to. 

Proceed to book a time slot

You can book a 15-minute slot for your nearest Recycling Centre using the links below. 

Appointment times refer to current British Summer Time. Please ignore references to UTC+0:00. Please be aware it's not possible to book a slot on the same day you make the booking. 

Answers to queries about phased re-opening

COVID-19 waste

If you're self-isolating you must place all personal waste (for example used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths) securely in a plastic bag or bin liner, then double bag it and store it for at least 72 hours (3 days) before placing it in general rubbish or bringing it to a Recycling Centre.

You must follow this guidance whether you are self-isolating as a precaution or if you've tested positive for (COVID 19). 

You can bring your garden waste to a Recycling Centre if it can not be safely stored at home.

Garden waste collections will be re-instated across Suffolk over the next few weeks. Find out what you can put in your composting bin

You can find top tips for managing your garden waste in the meantime. 

Find out more about home compost bin offers.

Initially the booking slots will be released for a week, then afterwards on a rolling daily basis to always maintain a forward view of 7 days ahead.

You may need to try several times to get a booking. We understand that this may be frustrating, but we're hoping that after a few weeks the initial demand will begin to reduce.

If you're unable to book a time slot online, please do not phone Customer Service to see if additional slots are available. The only time slots available will be shown on the public booking system. 


When you book you will enter the registration number of your vehicle. This will be your ID when you visit site, so you must come in the vehicle you registered.

Pedestrian visitors and cyclists will also have to use booking system and the booking will be in your name.

To safely manage traffic on the highway and avoid queuing, there may be some changes to site access. Any changes have been made in partnership with Suffolk Highways and will be clearly signposted.

Please follow the instructions on the temporary road signs as you approach the site.

The following road closures will be in place in the vicinity of the Recycling Centres, from 8am to when the sites close (not Wednesdays):

Ipswich (Portmans Walk)

Sir Alf Ramsay Way will be fully/partially closed between West End Road and Portman Road. All public vehicles needing to access the Recycling Centre will have to follow the diversion signs and access Sir Alf Ramsey Way from the Portman Road direction. Only HGVs, Buses and local businesses will be able to access Sir Alf Ramsey Way from the West End Road.

For more information

There will be many signs on site to remind people to keep 2 metres apart.

Cars will park in alternate bays.

Only one person (or two people from the same household, if needed to carry something heavy) will be allowed out of their vehicle to access containers at any one time.

We ask visitors to be courteous of staff and other users to maintain social distancing. Please wash your hands before and after visiting, and wear gloves when on site.

The number of people accessing the sites at any one time will be restricted in order to maintain social distancing on site to protect the health of staff and the public.

We know that sites will be busy and in order to prioritise residents in the most need, maintain throughput and manage traffic safely, we are only allowing cars and car-derived vans on site. All other vans, trailers or commercial vehicles will not be allowed on site and will be reintroduced in a phased approach.

Cars, car derived van and vans

We'd consider your vehicle to be a van if it isn’t classed as a car derived van and hasn’t got windows or seats in the back.

Very few vans meet the criteria for a car derived van (CDV). Those that do are likely to be similar to a Ford Fiesta van, Vauxhall Corsa or Renault Clio van. If your van is a CDV, it will be recorded as such under ‘body type’ on the vehicle’s registration document (V5C).
A definition of car derived vans is published on GOV.UK.

Vans and trailers will not be allowed to come to sites initially. We'll be introducing these vehicles in a phased approach at a later date.

You can take the same materials as usual except textiles and any trade waste.

Please sort your waste to speed up your visit and practice social distancing when moving between containers. Please also observe the waiting signs when accessing containers.

If you are bringing chargeable household DIY waste to site, please let site staff know when you arrive and they will work out how much you have to pay.

Payment will be made through a kiosk to maintain social distancing. Contactless card payment only.

No trade waste is accepted on site at this time.

Plasterboard is only accepted at 4 Recycling Centres:

  • Bury St Edmunds
  • Foxhall
  • Lowestoft
  • Stowmarket.

Details of charges can be found here.

Yes. Compost will be available for sale on site. Please let site staff know and contactless card payment will be available at the kiosk.

The Re-use shops will remain closed until further notice.

We won’t be accepting items for re-use on site until the Re-use Shops are open. We would ask the public to please hold on to good quality items suitable for re-use at the moment.

Trade waste will not be accepted on sites initially in order to: 

  • prioritise residents and domestic waste
  • maintain a good flow of traffic through site

Trade waste will be reintroduced at a later date. 

Traders are advised to dispose of their waste via other private waste companies that can be found online for the time being. Please make sure that any selected disposal routes comply with waste legislation and that all companies have the appropriate waste licences in place. 

You can find the register of waste carriers, brokers and dealers on the Environment Agency website. 

Visit Suffolk Recycling to find out how to report fly-tipping and prevent your rubbish being fly-tipped by others

If you represent a charity or school please contact us in the usual way via with details of the recycling you wish to bring to site.

Thankfully, reports of such incidents in Suffolk have been relatively low but we are closely monitoring the situation.

With sites now open, we should not see any increase in fly-tipping. We would remind people that fly-tipping is a criminal offence that can result in prosecution.

If you're waiting for a booked time slot for your visit, please hold on to your waste until a slot becomes available.

You can find out how to report fly-tipping on our Suffolk Recycling website.