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Spatial planning

Spatial planning seeks to integrate land use policies with other important policy objectives to achieve sustainable development.

Spatial planning team

The county council Spatial Planning Team plays a role in planning in four key areas of planning policy.

They work with other councils to coordinate growth and achieve shared objectives through projects like:

They support the progress of local Development Plan Documents on behalf of county council departments. They may also support a district directly in the production of a plan.

The team coordinates the county council’s work to secure funding for infrastructure through planning obligations.

Finally, they have an important role in major infrastructure projects, working to get the best outcomes for the people of Suffolk.

Infrastructure, planning and growth

We work with other councils and utility firms to make sure future growth plans are supported by future investments into infrastructure by utility providers.

The Suffolk Utilities Liaison Group has been established to promote a better understanding and develop a programme of work to help deliver planned growth.

Ipswich Policy Area

The Ipswich Policy Area Board was set up to coordinate housing and economic growth in Ipswich and the surrounding areas. It is particularly interested in coordinating the delivery of infrastructure needed to support growth, including transport, education, skills, power supplies, green infrastructure, flooding and coastal defences.

Suffolk County Council is a partner on the Board, along with Ipswich Borough Council, Babergh District Council, Mid Suffolk District Council and Suffolk Coastal District Council.

You can find notes of the Board’s meetings on Ipswich Borough Council’s website.