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Application for Agreements or Works Licence

Download a form to apply for agreements or works licence under Section 38 and Section 278 of the Highways Act 1980.

Please read the guidance for agreements as any missing or incorrect information may result in delays to the agreement.

Minor Works Licence

Where access designs are provided by either simple drawings supplied by the Applicant or use of SCC Standard Access Drawings, this license is intended to approve:

  • Temporary access for developments 
  • permanent accesses for between 3 and 10 dwellings
  • Accesses for small commercial or retail sites

To apply for a Minor Works Licence, please download and complete the form

S278 Minor Works Licence application form (Word, 85KB)

Guidance for minor works agreement (PDF, 314KB)

Section 278 agreement

Suffolk County Council (SCC) has two types of S278; Full and Abridged. Criteria for an Abridged S278:

  • No safety audit required (no safety impact on highway)
  • Highways Works value is under £30,000
  • No Structures, Street lighting or Traffic Signals involved
  • No Compensation bond or noise assessment required

All works that does not meet the above criteria are to be a full s278.

Each type of agreement requires -

  • a bond (tender sum plus 10%)
  • legal agreement (applicant has to pay Suffolk Legal costs)
  • Checking and inspections fees (7.5% of bond for full and 10% for abridged)
  • Commuted sums (payment to SCC for future maintenance and replacement costs regarding highways)

To apply for a Section 278 agreement, please download and complete the relevant form

S278 Full Licence application form (Word, 202KB)

S278 Full Licence abridged application form (Word, 177KB)

SCC Guidance for S278 Applications 

Section 38 agreement

S38 – for all works (carriageway, footways and infrastructure including drainage and street lighting) within a new development to be considered for adoption by the highway authority.

To apply for a Section 38 agreement, please download and complete the form

S38 Full Licence application form (Word, 202KB)

Guidance for S38 agreement

Please note that we cannot accept payment by cheque.  Please arrange payment by BACs, as per details on the application form.  Thank you.