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Air Quality in Suffolk

Information about air quality in Suffolk and how it is monitored and managed. Includes guidance for local authorities to use when considering the impact of new developments on air quality.

Air quality across most of Suffolk is reasonably good.

However, there are a small number of areas (called Air Quality Management Areas) where pollution levels, Nitrogen Oxide specifically, exceed Government guidelines.

There is no safe level of exposure to air pollution – both long-term exposure (over years) and short-term exposure (over hours) to low levels of air pollution can still impact our health.

This is why it is important that Suffolk County Council works closely with partners to address air quality through all the means available to reduce the health risks. Find out more about this in the Suffolk Air Quality Strategy, which you will find on the tab below.

Information on the locations of the Air Quality Management Areas and the plans in place to address pollution at these specific sites can be found on the borough and district webpages:

To find out more about the air quality in Suffolk including information about the health and environmental impacts of air pollution, how you can protect yourself from the effects of pollution and what is happening across Suffolk to make our air cleaner and healthier visit the Healthy Suffolk webpages.