Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) in Suffolk

Information about NSIPs in Suffolk, including Sizewell C.

The Planning Act 2008 established a process for examining NSIPs that were previously consented by different government departments. The need for these schemes is established in National Policy Statements (NPS) and the purpose of the process is to weigh the local impacts of the scheme against the national need for such infrastructure in a fair, open and impartial manner.

The Planning Inspectorate website provides details on the process and projects across England and Wales.

Suffolk County Council (SCC) is a statutory consultee for several NSIPs as a host authority, playing an important role in various stages of the process, including Pre-Application, Acceptance, Pre-Examination, Examination, and Post-Decision.

SCC's position on each NSIP is informed by its Energy and Climate Adaptive Infrastructure Policy.

NSIPs in Suffolk

The list below refers to current live NSIPs proposals, which are at various stages from pre-application to construction.

Each NSIP page includes a brief description of the proposals, links to the developer’s website and the dedicated section of the Planning Inspectorate (PINs) website for the schemes. Downloadable copies of SCC’s formal responses to consultations, Local Impact Reports and Relevant Representations can also be found, where available.

Major infrastructure in Suffolk outside of the NSIP framework

Some projects have similar substance to NSIPs, but are considered outside of the NSIP process through a “normal” determination by local planning authorities. While several aspects of the NSIP guidance developed by Suffolk County Council may be relevant also for these projects, the process is fundamentally different.

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