Fly tipping

How to report fly tipping in Suffolk to local district or borough councils and information about fly tipping.

Fly tipping is:

  • the illegal dumping of rubbish, punishable by a maximum sentence of an unlimited fine and five years imprisonment on conviction.
  • a criminal activity that can seriously pollute watercourses and contaminates land and can be a risk to human health and harm wildlife and livestock.
  • unsightly, spoiling our communities and the quality of life for residents and encourages others to dump waste.
  • seen as a major problem by over threequarters of landowners and affects 67% of farmers.

Read more about fly tipping on Green Suffolk website.

Report fly tipping to local district or borough council

Your local district or borough council is responsible to clear up rubbish left on public land.

Find contact details of local district or borough council (on Green Suffolk website) to report fly tipping.