Private meetings

List of committee meetings likely to be held by Suffolk County Council in private.

Most of the items considered by the Cabinet or other executive decision making committees are open to members of the public to attend.

In exceptional circumstances, whenever it is likely that exempt information will be provided, the law allows the public to be excluded from meetings.

Exempt information includes:

  • information relating to personal privacy
  • information about Council negotiations for land, goods or services where disclosure would be likely to prejudice the Council's position
  • information about legal proceedings
  • investigation of crime and security matters

In the table below find details of current and past notices about where it is likely that exempt information needs to be considered by the Cabinet or another executive decision making committee.

Current and past notices

Date/ committee meeting

23 February 2021 - Brightwell Lakes Housing Infrastructure Fund (95kb)
8 December 2020 Cabinet - Housing Approach Joint Venture (77kb)
14 July 2020 Cabinet - Lake Lothing Third Crossing (74kb)
16 June 2020 Cabinet - Cabinet 16 June 2020 - Free School Presumption Competitions Special Schools, Bury St Edmunds and Bungay (PDF, 75KB)
8 October 2019 Cabinet (PDF 69KB)
9 October 2018 Cabinet (PDF 49KB)
24 July 2018 Cabinet (PDF 49KB)
15 May 2018 Cabinet (PDF 51KB)
7 November 2017 Cabinet (PDF 88KB)
13 December 2016 Cabinet (PDF 80 KB)
15 November 2016 Cabinet (PDF 78 KB)
17 May 2016 Cabinet (PDF 49 KB)
8 December 2015 Cabinet (PDF, 49 KB)
16 June 2015 Cabinet (PDF, 49 KB)

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