Providing value for money for our residents

How we are managing resources and redesigning services to provide value for money for our residents.

Logo showing Our Ambitions for Suffolk, Providing value for money for residents

To fulfil our ambitions for Suffolk and to provide the best outcomes for our residents, it is crucial that the county council delivers the best possible value for money. This includes how we manage all our resources, such as staff, buildings, estates, and budgets. The county council's leadership will be bold, innovative, and challenging in ensuring value for money and accountability to local people in everything that we do.

We will fulfil this ambition by:

  • Redesigning services and processes to drive productivity and value for money.
  • Continuing our strong track record of sound financial management and governance.
  • Investing in technology and using the internet and innovation to improve communication, services, and our efficiency.

Major programmes include:

  • School Travel: We will review our current approach to ensure we provide the best possible service to families and deliver better school travel budget and contract management.
  • Highways New Operating Model: We will secure a new contract for highways services post September 2023 that will deliver our ambitions for highways and incorporate requirements for inclusivity, social value, and carbon reduction/becoming carbon neutral.
  • New Ways of Working: We will increase the capacity and effectiveness of the county council's workforce by modernising the way we work to deliver for Suffolk residents. We will reduce costs and carbon emissions through rationalisation of county council office buildings and reduced travel time and costs.
  • Capital Investment in Highways: We will bring forward specific proposals for a £20m programme tackling highways flooding (£10m) and improving and upgrading pavements and footpaths (£10m) over the next four years.