Health and Social Care Open Data

Find Open Data about health and social care services in Suffolk, including local inspections, statistics and reports.

 Data Source Description
 CQC Inspections (PDF)  Local  CQC Inspections Adult Social Care 
 Risk of loneliness profiles  Help the Aged  Risk of loneliness - neighbourhood level
 Health Profiles  Public Health   Health related data in thematic profiles
 Joint Strategic Needs Assessment   Healthy Suffolk   Suffolk Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 

 Public Health Outcomes Framework - Healthy Suffolk

 Healthy Suffolk   Health Indicators and Overview
 Public Health Outcomes Framework - Public Health England  Healthy Suffolk   Health Statistics Interactive Tool
 Public Health Outcomes Framework - Public Health England summary   Healthy Suffolk   Suffolk Profile
 Annual Public Health Reports  Healthy Suffolk   Statistics on wellbeing of Suffolk residents
 State of Suffolk Report  Healthy Suffolk   Report on health and wellbeing in Suffolk
 Independent Investigation Reports  NHS East of England  Independent investigation reports published by NHS England