Submit a complaint about a councillor

Make an complaint online about the conduct of a member or co-opted member and how to make an complaint about a county councillor in Suffolk.

Before you start

Complaints are managed by the council's Monitoring Officer who'll only manage complaints about the behaviour of a member or co-opted member of Suffolk County Council.

They won't manage complaints about things not covered by the Code of Conduct (PDF, 41KB). You must be clear as to why you think a member hasn't followed the Code of Conduct.

For help completing the form or if you experience any problems with the form call Democratic Services on 01473 265119.

There are three sections to complete:

  1. your details
  2. details of the complaint
  3. confidentiality

Make sure you complete all of the required fields marked with a red border.

1. Your details

2. Complaint details

Provide us with the name of the member(s) you believe have breached the Code of Conduct and the name of their authority.

Additional members (if applicable):

3. Confidentiality

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