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Further support for Homes for Ukraine Sponsors

Suffolk County Council will provide additional financial support for Homes for Ukraine Sponsors who are hosting Ukrainian guests, up to a value of £900.
Published: 20 Mar 2023

From April, Sponsors who have hosted guests for a minimum of six months, will receive an additional £150 each month from the council.

This is in addition to the £350 monthly thank you payment Sponsors receive from the UK Government, whilst their guests are staying with them.

The Government’s monthly payment rises to £500 after their guests have been in the UK for 12 months, at which point the council’s additional payment will stop.

I want to thank Sponsors who have welcomed guests into their homes for the generosity and kindness they have shown. It is important to recognise the huge undertaking that these families have taken on and reward those who have been supporting Ukrainian families the longest, which is why we are topping up the thank you payments for anyone who has been hosting for six months or more. We will also provide this additional support to sponsors who have generously helped more than one family to settle safely here in the UK, by hosting another family after their initial guests have moved on. Sponsors who have hosted families for more than six months will be entitled to the additional thank you payment, regardless of how long your guest has been in the UK. We continue to be in need of new sponsors to support Ukrainian families. If you think you can help, or know of anybody who could, please get in touch. You can register with Suffolk County Council at
Cllr Bobby Bennett, Cabinet member for Equality and Communities
Cllr Bobby Bennett, Cabinet member for Equality and Communities

All sponsors who currently host guests that arrived under the Homes For Ukraine Scheme will receive an email from Suffolk County Council asking them if they wish to opt in to the offer of a top up.

Payments will begin from April 2023, paid one month in arrears.