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Setting of term dates for 2024/2025 school year

Consultation on the setting of term dates for 2024/2025 school year

The Council consults annually on school term dates approximately 18 months ahead of the applicable school year. The six-week consultation takes place between schools, the Diocesan Authorities, Trade Unions, neighbouring local authorities, and Suffolk Passenger Transport.

Local Authorities have a duty to determine school term dates for maintained schools. Schools must be open to pupils for 190 days in an academic year, and 195 days for teachers.

Academies, Free Schools and Voluntary Aided Schools are responsible for setting their own holiday dates and so individual schools, may choose to set term dates that do not match those set by Suffolk County Council, though we would urge you to consider using the proposed dates, if possible.

When setting proposed dates, the Council endeavours, where possible, to align dates with neighbouring Local Authorities to minimise any impact on families with children, particularly those who may work outside of the County or whose children attend schools in Suffolk and other counties, to enable them to have holidays together or to support childcare arrangements. Co-ordinated dates also support the efficient provision of funded school travel and school catering.

Suffolk County Council’s proposed term dates for 2024/2025 school year are:

Autumn Term

2 September 2024 – 20 December 2024

Half term week w/c 28 October 2024

Spring Term

6 January 2025 – 4 April 2025

Half term week w/c 17 February 2025

Summer Term

22 April 2025 – 22 July 2025

Half term week w/c 27 May 2025

Recommended PD days:

2 and 3 September 2024

4 November 2024

6 January 2025

2 June 2025Please note that schools can set their own Professional Development (PD) days to allow them access to the limited number of trainers on certain subjects to train their staff.

Schools can give their views by: