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Proposed 40mph speed limit along The Street, Hepworth

Details on the proposed 40mph speed limit along The Street, Hepworth

Following the initial consultation undertaken between 9th November to 30th November 2022, regarding the above scheme. This proposal was well received, and as a result of this, Suffolk County Council are therefore formally proposing to introduce a speed limit of 40mph on The Street, Hepworth from its junction with the A143 (Bury Road) to the existing 30mph speed limit terminal sign, in the interest of road safety.

The extent of the proposal is illustrated in the plan below.

Objections and any other representations relating to these proposals, specifying the grounds on which they are made, must reach Ellice Green (Suffolk County Council Legal Services) at the address below or at not later than 3rd February 2023. 

Ellice Green
Suffolk County Council Legal Services
Endeavour House
Russell Road

Please note that any such correspondence cannot be regarded as confidential and may be inspected by any interested party.