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Carers Strategy 2022-2027

Help us make life better for carers in Suffolk.

This consultation is now closed; thank you to everyone who took part. The responses and feedback received are being reviewed and will be used to develop the strategy to reflect the needs of carers throughout Suffolk. The next stage is for the strategy to go to the relevant boards for sign-off with planned publication in November 2022. Further details will follow regarding the launch and development of the action plan.

Updated 17 November 2022: View the planned publication of the Suffolk All Age Carers' Strategy 2022-2027

Statistics show that 1 in 8 of us will become carers in our lifetime, often without planning. Suffolk had 77,745 family/unpaid carers identified in the 2011 census, while Suffolk Family Carers now predict there are 98,000.

Carers UK estimate that carers have saved the economy £193 billion during the pandemic. Carers could be giving up their time, money, education, careers and relationships to support those they care for and we know that this often impacts their own health too.

Suffolk's previous Adult Carers Strategy is due for updating, and it has been decided this time to create an All Age Carers Strategy, to ensure that the needs of young carers were included.

Between February 2022 and May 2022, 54 young carers and 28 adult carers were asked:

What has been working well for you? What have been the challenges? What needs to happen going forward?

Their answers informed and supported the co-production of the draft Suffolk All Age Carers’ Strategy 2022-2027, which we would now like to give you the opportunity to comment on.

The draft strategy lists five priorities:

  • Early identification of carers
  • Improved information and advice
  • Young carers to have the same priority as adult carers
  • Systems and services that work for carers
  • Improved health and wellbeing for carers

You can download the draft All Age Carers Strategy here, and then click the options below to find out more and give us your feedback.

The consultation opened on Monday 20 June and closed on Monday 15 August 2022.