Ukraine: Could you help a family in need?

Information about how to sponsor a family fleeing conflict in Ukraine

Homes for Ukraine

Sadly, we continue to see more people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine each day. We are asking anyone who thinks they may be able to help a family in need to sign up to the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

We are in need of a wide range of homes for single people, mums with children and complete families. Self-contained accommodation is especially helpful - for example if you have a second home or an annexe.

If you think you can help, or know anyone who is interested, please visit

Accommodation must be available for at least 6 months, be fit for people to live in, and suitable for the number of people to be accommodated. This can be anything from an empty room to an unoccupied home, as long as it’s safe, heated and free from hazards, and gives your guests adequate access to bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Sponsors who sign up to the scheme will be eligible for a monthly £350 thank you payment for up to 12 months (starting from the date your guests first arrived in the UK), whilst your guests are living with you.

If you think you can help, or know anyone who is interested, please visit

If you would like to speak to other hosts, to find out more before you sign up, or to offer your support for a family who may be moving on from their current sponsor, you can email Community Action Suffolk at They can put you in touch with existing community groups in your area.

For more information about how you can help, and what to consider before signing up to become a Sponsor, please visit

Supporting families to move to a new host

As well as people who have newly arrived in the UK, we also need hosts who could help families who are not yet ready to leave sponsorship and move into their own alternative accommodation, but who cannot stay with their current host beyond the initial 6-month period.

If you are interested in offering your support to a family looking to move to a new host, please contact Community Action Suffolk, who can put you in touch with community groups in your area who can support to connect you with a family looking for support. Contact

If you wish to provide support to a family already living in Suffolk, you must also be signed up to the Homes for Ukraine programme, please visit