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Ukraine: Could you help a family in need?

Information about how to sponsor a family fleeing conflict in Ukraine

We need more hosts

We have now reached the point where some Ukrainian guests have been with their sponsors for 18 months or more. Sponsors helped Ukrainian guests obtain visas to enter the UK. Some chose to host them in their homes, others in self-contained accommodation, and were only required to sign up for 6 months. Some are unable to continue so we are now in need of new hosts to offer them a safe haven while the war in Ukraine continues.

We are in need of a wide range of homes for single people, mothers with children and complete families. We are in particular need for new hosts in Ipswich, Felixstowe, Lowestoft, Haverhill and Bury St Edmunds and for homes able to take large families of 5 or more people.

Please be aware:

  • Accommodation must be available for at least 6 months, be fit for people to live in, and suitable for the number of people to be accommodated. This can be spare rooms in your house, annex, second home or caravan as long as it’s safe, heated and free from hazards, and gives your guests adequate access to bathroom and kitchen facilities.
  • If you sign up to the scheme you will be eligible for a monthly £350 thank you payment, rising to £500 per month, once your guests have been in the UK for more than 12 months.  
  • You would be able to ask your guests for a contribution towards utility bills and food but you could not charge them rent while you are receiving the thank you payment.
  • You will receive an email bulletin every month updating up on what is happening in the Homes for Ukraine programme in Suffolk.
  • You would need to be able to help your guest with settling in your area, filling in application forms etc as English is a second language.  As the guests will have been here 6 months much of the initial form filling will be complete but the move to your location might generate some new applications, for example school applications.
  • You might want to be aware of some of the cultural differences or if you wanted to speak to other hosts you can email  Community Action Suffolk at  who will put you in touch with existing community groups in your area.

If you sign up you will need to agree to a Council officer looking at your property to check it is suitable for the number of people to be accommodated and you and all adults living in your household will have to agree to safeguarding checks (DBS). You do need to pass all the checks to be eligible for the monthly thank you payment, which is paid a month in arrears.

You can sign up direct with the County Council by completing our online form or emailing