Pay for school uniforms

Details of how to pay for maintained primary or middle school uniforms for your child or children.

The quickest and easiest way to pay for your child's school uniform is online, provided the school has signed up to this online service.

You can pay:

  • for maintained primary or middle school uniforms
  • for more than 1 child at the same school or another school
  • by credit or debit card

It takes about 5 minutes to pay for a school uniform online.

We recommend you do not use Internet Explorer to access our payment system, as you may experience more issues compared to other web browsers.

To begin the payment process click the green Start button below.


What you need to make a payment

In order to pay online your school needs to have signed up for this online facility, and be selling uniforms at the school.

Contact the school to find out whether they are signed up for this service.

To pay online you will also need the details of the:

  • child or children you are paying for
  • uniform you wish to purchase
  • debit or credit card you are paying with

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following FAQ have been compiled to help answer any questions you may have around the process of paying from a school uniform online.

How do I know what uniform I can buy from the school?

The school should give you a list of the uniforms available to purchase.

My school is not shown on the list, how can I pay?

If your school is an academy you cannot use the online payments system.

If your school is not an academy and is not shown on the list, you should contact the school.

I've tried to pay but I get a technical error on the payments page, what do I do?

Contact the Customer Service Team for assistance:

How do I get a refund for uniforms that I wish to return?

You should contact the school for returns and refunds.

Information for schools

Set up your school

To sign your school up to the online payments system for school uniforms please email with the following message:

"Please could you enable [SCHOOL NAME], [SCHOOL NUMBER] for online payments for school uniforms."

Queries about received payments

If you have queries about details of payments received you can contact School's Choice at, as this will be shown as part of weekly file download.