Elective Home Education (EHE)

Guidance for parents, information for schools, frequently asked questions, useful resources and how to contact the EHE team.
Guidance for parents (EHE)
Where to start with Elective Home Education, and how the process works step-by-step.
Information for schools (EHE)
Guidance for schools in Suffolk related to Elective Home Education enquiries.
Frequently Asked Questions (EHE)
Read our FAQs to find responses to common queries about Elective Home Education.
Useful resources (EHE)
Forms, guides, downloads and other information related to Elective Home Education.
News and events (EHE)
You can find news, updates and events related to Elective Home Education.
Contact us (EHE)
Find out how to contact the Elective Home Education Team with enquiries.

Look out for drop-in sessions

We hold drop-in sessions throughout the year for parents that are home educating. You'll have an opportunity to meet the EHE Consultant to find out about local educational resources, Suffolk’s approach to EHE or to simply discuss any questions you have. Your children are welcome to attend with you. Upcoming dates will be added to this page once they have been arranged.

Father and son learning at home