Apply for a chaperone licence

Apply for a chaperone licence in Suffolk for school age children to take part in a performance. Find out how long a licence is valid for and when to renew it.

All children who take part in a performance require supervision by a licensed adult called a chaperone.

To get a chaperone licence, you will need to complete an application form. You may need to attend free training provided by the council.

Download the application/renewal form

Before you apply

All chaperones must:

  • be 18 and older
  • undertake a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) enhanced disclosure and social care background check

The application process should take up to 12 weeks.

You may be required to attend an interview and a child protection training course. 

The licence, DBS check and training will be provided by Suffolk County Council for you free of charge.

To help you understand the responsibilities of a chaperone, before you make your application, please read the guidance booklet: Duties of a licensed chaperone (Word, 66KB).

Further information

Read the Licencing good practice guide for voluntary amateur dramatic organisations (Word, 481KB). 

Updated April 2015, to bring the council in line with the Children (Performance and Activities) (England) Regulations 2014.

The licence

Each licence is valid for 18 months and allows you to look after a maximum of 12 children.

To continue as a licensed chaperone after that year, you will be required to apply for a licence renewal.

Contact us

Telephone: Child Employment office on 01473 265195


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