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National organisations providing support to parents and carers

List of websites and organisations offering support to parents and carers in healthy living, dealing with behaviour and protecting a child from abuse.

Choose from: 

  • Family Lives: providing advice and support to children and families online, over the phone, and face-to-face
  • Family Lives videos of parents talking about real life issues that affect families and solutions that could help
  • Young Minds: information and support (including a helpline) for parents/carers worried about their child's behaviour or mental health
  • Gingerbread: advice and practical support (including a helpline) for single parents
  • Change4Life: useful tips and advice to help your family can become healthier and more active
  • GOV.UK: the place to find government services and information (replacing Directgov and Business Link)
  • NSPCC: organisation whose vision is to end cruelty to children. They run a range of services for both children and adults and they work with local communities.
    • Teach your children the NSPCC Underwear Rule and help protect them from abuse. Download the guides for children, parents and foster carers. 

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