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Where to start: adult care and support

Start here for guidance if you're looking for social care or support for an adult in Suffolk.
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Many people find adult social care and support daunting. We want to make it simple, clear and easy to understand. 

Our aim is to help you stay active, healthy and independent in your own home for as long as possible.

We'll give you the right information, advice and support so that you can make your own choices and decide what works best for you.

If you need more support or have complex needs, Suffolk County Council may be able to provide social care.

Self-assess your care and support needs

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Start by using our online self-assessment to find out about:
  • what care or support needs you have
  • equipment and services that could help you stay at home for longer  
  • community groups, clubs and activities to help maintain your health and independence
  • whether you're eligible for financial support from the council towards any care costs
  • how to request social care support if you need it 

The self-assessment only takes about 10 minutes.

Find support to live independently yourself

Living independently at home 

Man using kettle tipper
You can use our website to look for information to help you live independently at home.

Most people want to have control over their lives, and stay in their own home as long as possible.

You can find information on about things that could help you, such as:

  • equipment
  • technology
  • adaptations
  • personal assistants

Find out more about help to stay at home.

Staying healthy, social and independent 

Woman leaning on the side of a swimming pool.

You can use our community directory to find:

  • social groups
  • coffee mornings
  • lunch clubs
  • health and fitness activities  

Find out more about support in your area

Planning for care needs

Woman and older wheelchair user in the park
Planning is important so that everyone is prepared for the unexpected, and you always receive the best support.

You might be planning for yourself, on behalf of someone else.

If you think you might need some form of social care support, read how social care can help. This information includes how social care works, and guidance on paying for care.

If you're caring for someone, we can tell you what help and support you can get.