Contact adult social care (Customer First)

How to contact adult social care in Suffolk, and what you can do to find help and support yourself online.

Before you contact us

You may be able to find answers and support yourself using our website. 

Here are a few options that may help you: 

Many people find that using our self-assessment is a good place to start if you're not sure what help you need. 

Proceed to the self-assessment

If you're concerned someone is being abused, or at risk of abuse, you can report the abuse of an adult online. 

If you need to contact us 

Please contact us online by webchat if you need help or have a question about social care. 

Webchat is quick, secure and live on our website:

  • Monday to Thursday from 8am to 5:20pm (excluding bank holidays)
  • Friday from 8am to 4:20pm (excluding bank holidays)

When you contact us, you'll be treated with respect. We'll listen to you and help you to access the right information, advice and support, so that you can make your own choices.

Other ways to contact us

We ask that people contact us online where possible, as it's quicker, easier and saves money. 

If you need to contact Customer First by phone or post, please visit our contact us page for the details.