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Check out Staywise - our new educational tool, free for you to use.

What is Staywise?

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“Our FREE online library is packed full of educational resources and activities from the UK’s leading emergency services and safety-focused organisations making it easy for you to find trusted materials that provide learning opportunities to help keep children safe” – ‘Staywise website’

Public Resources

Are you looking for fun activities that will keep you and your family safe from fire? Look no further than Staywise.

  • Complete interactive activities, storybooks, videos and activity sheets and games!
  • Learn important fire safety tips and have fun whilst doing so!

Information for teachers

If a fire crew get called away during a school visit – don’t worry Staywise resources are here to help! If you create a free Staywise account, you will have access to all of the following!

  • Free lesson plans and activities for your classes to complete
  • Material that coverers the whole of the school curriculum also split into themes!

Some resources are also available in other languages!

Access Staywise today and enjoy all it has to offer.

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Phone: 01473 260588