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Create a fire escape plan

Take our quiz to find out how prepared you are for a fire at home, and create your own escape plan.
Cross section of a home showing fire and possible escape routes

It's important to be prepared for a fire in the home. Yet the majority of people have never planned for it. 

Find out what you need to know, then start creating a plan to make everyone safer. 

Take the quiz

We've created a 16-question quiz about escaping a fire at home. 

The quiz includes:

  • what to do when you first realise there's a fire
  • how to check if there's a fire behind closed doors
  • what to have in your 'escape kit' 
  • what to do if your escape route is blocked
  • what to do once you get out of the house

More than 1,000 people have taken the quiz, scoring it on average 4.4/5 for usefulness. 

Create your escape plan

You can use our online tool to create your own personalised fire escape plan.

We recommend taking the quiz before starting your plan, but it's not essential.

Birds-eye view of a house showing possible escape routes if there's a fire

Your escape plan will include: 

  • who's in your plan (the people you live with)
  • what your main escape route is
  • what your back-up escape route is
  • where to gather once you're outside
  • which room can act as a refuge if you can't escape

Once you're finished, you can email the plan to yourself and anyone else who lives in your home. 

It only takes about 5 minutes to create a home fire escape plan.

Give us feedback

You can contact either the Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service or our web team by visiting contact us