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Road safety

The Suffolk Roadsafe partnership aims to reduce casualties in Suffolk and increase road safety awareness and about driver diversionary courses.

The Suffolk Roadsafe Partnership brings together organisations involved with road safety in the county. Its aim is to reduce casualties on the road network.


We provide advice and run awareness campaigns to help all road users stay safe. 

This includes information for:

  • pedestrians
  • cyclists
  • motorcyclists
  • drivers

The Suffolk Roadsafe website has advice and information about our current campaigns. You can also use it to find:

  • Bikeability cyclist training
  • driver training
  • GrandDriver scheme

Driver diversionary courses

Find out about diversionary courses (e.g. speed awareness) or how to pay for a road safety training course.


Suffolk Constabulary is in charge of making roads safer by enforcing traffic law and setting up safety cameras.

They are focusing on tackling serial offenders and the worse offences of the 'fatal four' factors that contribute to more than half of all collisions. They are:

  • drink driving
  • driving while on drugs
  • speeding
  • careless driving


We use engineering solutions to encourage slower and more careful driving. This includes:

  • speed limits
  • speed bumps
  • signs 

We are working to use education and enforcement more than engineering measures to improve road safety. We are focusing on the road users and how they behave rather than the road location.


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