Road Space Booking

How to obtain relevant approvals to occupy the highway.

Application to occupy the highway

For all non-statutory undertakers wishing to occupy the highway, a Road Space Booking application form will need to be submitted.

Examples of Statutory Undertakers:

  • National Highways
  • Utility Company (or carrying works on their behalf)
  • Suffolk County Council works (i.e. Suffolk Highways).

What is a Road Space Booking application?

A Road Space Booking application is an essential step to gain approval from a street authority to occupy a public highway – it provides details of:

  • Location
  • Type of work
  • Duration
  • Extent of highway to be occupied
  • Necessary traffic management required
  • Any mitigation measures required
  • Any necessary conditions associated with the works
  • Who will be carrying out the work, and their relevant insurance and accreditation.

This information is then assessed and, if the road space is available, you will receive your Road Space Booking confirmation, this confirmation may include any necessary conditions that you will be required to adhere to whilst carrying out your works. You might be asked to amend your dates, work in collaboration (if possible) and/or provide further information before receiving your confirmation.

Please note: the road space booking confirmation is not an approval for the type of works you plan to carry out, it only gives permission to occupy the highway at a specific time. The relevant permissions regarding your works must be applied for with the appropriate department beforehand i.e. if the road space is being booked to install a dropped kerb; you will first need to apply for the dropped kerb and have approval.

Application process

Applicants who are looking to conduct any works involving installing private apparatus in the highway (under Section 50 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991) will need to apply for a Section 50 Streetworks License instead.

Works that would qualify for this include:

  • sewer connections,
  • private water supplies
  • installation of ducts.

Step 1: pay for Road space booking.

Before completing the booking form. You will need to use the payment reference on the application form.

If works are being ordered by a local authority such as Parish or District Councils, The £50 Road Space Charge will not be applicable.