Skip licence

How to apply for or renew a licence to place a skip on a public road, pavement or verge.

Before you apply

If you want to hire a skip, only the company you hire from can apply for the skip licence. Applications require 3 working days notice to be processed.

Your application may be rejected if the proposed site is considered to be potentially dangerous to the public.

Skip licences are only issued to a skip company and not to a person.

If you're using a skip licence, you:

  • may need to provide signing and lighting on-site under the conditions of the licence
  • should take care when lifting a skip onto and off of the property as you will be liable for any damage to the road, pavement or verge.

Contact Highways England on 0300 123 5000 if you want to apply for a licence on a trunk road.

Skip licence fee £85.00 for the first two weeks, £42.50 per two-week extension

How to apply

Email or contact Customer Services on 0345 606 6171 if you require any assistance.