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How to report fly-tipping in Suffolk to local waste collection authorities. Find out how to avoid and prevent fly-tipping.

Fly-tipping is:

  • the illegal dumping of rubbish, punishable by a maximum sentence of an unlimited fine and five years imprisonment on conviction.
  • a criminal activity that can seriously pollute watercourses and contaminates land and can be a risk to human health and harm wildlife and livestock.
  • unsightly, spoiling our communities and the quality of life for residents and encourages others to dump waste.
  • seen as a major problem by over three quarters of landowners and affects 67% of farmers.

If you are a householder, landowner or run a business, you have a legal responsibility to make sure your waste is not fly-tipped. Find out how to avoid or prevent fly-tipping.

Report fly-tipping to a waste collection authority

Your local waste collection authority clears fly-tipping on public land. This could be:

Find contact details and tips on how to report fly-tipping.