Education and Skills Open Data

Find Open Data about education and skills in Suffolk, including schools, further education, and skills performance data

 Data Source Description
 Local Pupil Attainment Strategy  Local  Local Schools Performance Data 
 National Schools Performance


 National Performance Information/Comparison
 School locations  Dept for Ed  School and Educational Institution Locations Suffolk
 Primary School Performance  GOV.UK  Primary school absence, workforce, Ofsted, finance
 Secondary School Performance  GOV.UK  Secondary school absence, workforce, Ofsted, finance
 16-18 School/College Performance  GOV.UK  16-18 School/College absence, workforce, Ofsted, finance
 Schools Workforce Census  GOV.UK  Schools workforce characteristics, Corporate Health
 Further Education Statistics  GOV.UK  Further Education Participation and Achievement Tool
 Apprenticeship Starts  Dept for Ed  Apprenticeship Starts Tool (Level, Age and Subject)
 Apprenticeship Achievements  Dept for Ed  Apprenticeship Achievements Tool (Level and Age)