Councillor allowances

Suffolk County Council councillor member allowance payments and monthly expense claims.

Councillors receive an allowance to cover the time they spend on council work and to cover their expenses. 

Some Councillors have to spend more time at the council because they have a particular role. Councillors with these extra responsibilities receive a special responsibility allowance which differs depending on their role.

The expenses detailed cover expenses claimed between April and March of each year as opposed to those paid.

Read about the members' allowances scheme in Part 7 of the Suffolk County Council Constitution.

Members' allowances payments before 2010-2011 were published as part of the Statement of Accounts.

Monthly expense claims

Starting from April 2018 you can find below details of the monthly claims for expenses paid to Suffolk County Councillors. Only those councillors who have made a claim will show on the spreadsheet. Please note claims are paid in arrears.