Councillor's Locality Budget

Information about Suffolk county councillor's locality budgets for 2018/2019 and how you can apply to your councillor for locality budget grant.

Due to the local elections taking place on 2 May 2019 details of the Locality Budget expenditure has been removed from the website. If you wish to view the expenditure please contact us to request it.


In 2018/2019, Suffolk's county councillors have been given a locality budget of £600,000, divided between them; each councillor has £8,000 to spend.

Councillors are able to make recommendations about funding from this budget for local projects in their division, which should benefit the community.

Last year groups and projects that benefited included:

  • village halls;
  • sports and social clubs; and
  • toddler groups.

How to apply for funding

If you have a project that needs funding, you can apply to your councillor for a locality budget grant.

Contact the county councillor who represents the area where your project is based, first.

For any other queries about locality budgets contact Democratic Services on: 01473 265119 or by email: