Illicit tobacco

About illicit tobacco, the impact on Suffolk and how to report someone selling it.

All tobacco is harmful, but illicit (or illegal) tobacco is likely to have an unknown composition, is unlikely to meet UK safety standards, will be duty non-paid, and could be counterfeit.

Illegal tobacco makes it easier for children to take up smoking and get hooked, could increase the risk of house fire as the burn out propensity is reduced and is affecting legitimate, honest, hardworking Suffolk businesses.

Legal tobacco should be in plain packaging, with safety warning pictures and any writing should be in English. Any packages that do not have the above will be illegal for sale.

Suffolk Trading Standards is working hard to crack down on illicit tobacco and people can make a real difference to help keep illicit tobacco off the streets and protect their community by reporting it.

You can report someone for selling illicit tobacco to us by calling the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133.

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