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Advice on the storage of fireworks

Advice on storing and selling of explosives, fireworks and other pyrotechnics.

Before applying for a Licence to store fireworks or other pyrotechnic articles please study the relevant Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidance documents.

The HSE have produced three levels of advice for those storing and selling explosives: HSE sub-sector guidance.

Level 1

These leaflets, aimed at retailers contain basic information intended as a starting point, and are accompanied by a checklist to help you carry out your risk assessment.

Level 2

This guidance provides detailed information that has been tailored to that subsector rather than being generally applicable across the whole explosives sector.

Level 3: Overarching guidance

This guidance provides the fundamental objectives for explosives operations that everyone should achieve and guidance on how to achieve them:

Trading Standards and Fire Services have guidance on the safe disposal of damaged fireworks (PDF, 381KB) to help businesses in comply with legislation.

Further reading

HSE have information on guidance for storing and selling fireworks and answers to frequently asked questions about the Guidance supporting the Explosives Regulations 2014.

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