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Suffolk SAFEKey

If you are looking for a way to keep your keys safe you can take advantage of Suffolk Constabulary's keyfob recovery and key holder database service.

The service provides residents and businesses protection and assistance should they lose their keys and also allows Suffolk Constabulary access to a property in the event of an incident occurring while the property is unattended.

Every year the Police are handed thousands of keys which have been lost, that despite their best efforts cannot be returned to their rightful owner as it is not known who the keys belong to. Many sets of keys are also left on public transport over the festive period too.

Suffolk SAFEKey membership can also be a useful Christmas present for those tricky to buy for people.

Benefits include:

  • Metal Constabulary branded key fob, with a unique reference number, to assist returning keys.
  • £10 reward to the finder of your keys, courtesy of us, incentivising the return of keys.
  • You don't have to be a Suffolk resident or business, Suffolk SAFEKey operates across the UK & EU
  • Over £25,000 worth of keys have been returned to Suffolk SAFEKey members
  • Notification of found keys typically within 24 hours of being lost
  • Affordable membership, money generated supports local charities

To find out more information please visit