Staying safe online

Information, advice and resources on how to be responsible and safe when using the internet.

Remember - if you are worried about the welfare of a child or vulnerable adult in Suffolk contact Customer First on on 0808 800 4005. If you are concerned that someone might be in danger right now dial 999 for the Police.

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e-Safer Suffolk

Practical e-safety advice, information and guidance to help reduce the risks of using the internet.

e-Safety tools, policies and resources

Tools, policies and resources to support organisations implementing their own e-safety strategies and policies.

e-Safer Suffolk cybersurvey

Results and key findings from the annual e-Safer Suffolk cybersurveys

e-Safer Suffolk conference

Details about the e-safer Suffolk conference

Social media, apps and gaming - quick guide for parents

To help you keep your child safe online

e-Safety tips and advice

Resources and guides on internet security, what to do if you find anything on the internet that concerns you and how to enjoy the benefits of the web.