Collaborative Communities COVID-19 Board

Responsible for supporting local communities in Suffolk during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Last updated: 18 February 2021 (reviewed daily)

The CCB aims to coordinate a Suffolk System approach to tackling strategic issues and projects linked to prevention and demand management within communities.


  1. Reduce health inequalities through improved mental and physical health and well-being with individuals and families better able to take responsibility for their own health and well-being
  2. Ensure Individuals, families, and communities that can do more for themselves and can access early support to maintain or regain their independence
  3. Create resilient, connected and inclusive communities that support those who are vulnerable, in need, or at risk of becoming so
  4. Champion a strong voluntary and community sector, encouraging a wide range of formal and informal networks, providing support to enable strong communities, working effectively alongside the public sector and attracting additional resources both from within and from outside Suffolk, by enabling people to make a difference to those in need.

COVID-19 Response

Since March 2020 the CCB has focused its efforts on a system wide emergency/recovery response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The board has a number of thematic task and finish groups that are focusing on;

Home But Not Alone: a telephone service for those who do not have access to support from friends, family or community; are struggling for food, medicines or other essential supplies; and are feeling lonely and isolated.

Housing: a system response to those that are homeless or rough sleeping including the provision of COVID Secure temporary accommodation for those in greatest need.

Logistics: ensuring food and prescriptions are available to the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV).

Foodbanks: coordinate and respond to the needs of the Suffolk Foodbanks Network. Ensure access to food and supplies. Creating a food justice plan to eradicate food poverty.

Hardship: a system response to tackling hardship including the Local Welfare Assistance Scheme, Winter Grant Fund and Suffolk Advice and Support Service.

Engaged Communities: directly commission the Voluntary Community Sector and hyper local organisations to work with identified communities to ensure government messaging and vaccine role-out is understood, reducing new infections.

Data: accesses, manages, co-ordinates and securely and lawfully shares data which the system requires to effectively support the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable and Suffolk communities.

Voluntary and Community Sector: a system response to support the resilience of the voluntary sector, including; funding advice, good governance support, volunteer coordination, and mapping of community groups and support across Suffolk.

Communications: ensuring communities in Suffolk receive the latest information on how to stay safe and which resources are available for support.

For Help and Support

Home But Not Alone Phoneline

The Home, But Not Alone service, which includes an emergency helpline, was set up in Suffolk during the first nationwide lockdown and the team continue to work hard supporting our communities during the pandemic.

Support can be accessed on 0800 876 6926. The phonelines are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Read more about the Home But Not Alone service.

Suffolk Advice and Support Service

The Suffolk Advice and Support Service provides free professional advice in confidence on a range of things that you might need some help with, including:

  • your mortgage or credit cards
  • rent arrears or other debts
  • COVID-19 concerns
  • access to food
  • and can potentially provide one off grants for white goods, fuel vouchers and other unforeseen expenses.

Read more about the Suffolk Advice and Support Service.

Funding projects

We currently have funding opportunities available to support local communities via the voluntary and community sector in Suffolk.

Read about funding projects or 'parcels' for voluntary and community sector to bid for.

Who's on the Board?

The following organisations form the Collaborative Communities COVID-19 Board.

Community Action Suffolk

Ministry of Defence

Suffolk Constabulary

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council

Waveney & Great Yarmouth CCG 

Suffolk County Council

Suffolk Community Foundation

NHS – Integrated Care System

Suffolk Voluntary Organisations Group

East Suffolk Council

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

West Suffolk CCG

Ipswich Borough Council

Suffolk Association of Local Councils

West Suffolk Council

Ipswich and East Suffolk CCG



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