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Walking and cycling to school

Information about school travel plans which encourage children to walk or cycle to school, to help improve the safety of school journeys.

We work with schools and organisations (such as the police) to encourage children to either walk or cycle to school.

Parents who take their children to and from school by car are creating a risk to pedestrians and cyclists, increasing congestion around the school and creating higher levels of exposure to pollution.

A school travel plan can help to:

  • improve safety on the school journey
  • encourage more walking and cycling
  • find ways of reducing the number of car trips made to a school

Types of initiatives that schools can use are:

  • a voluntary car lift share scheme
  • a walking bus
  • cycle training and permit scheme
  • "park and stride" (parking away from the school at designated sites and walking the remainder)

Visit Suffolk Roadsafe for further information and resources.