Nearest School Checker

You can use the Nearest School Checker to find your nearest school in Suffolk using your postcode and address.

Before you start

Please be aware the schools shown relate to the 2024/2025 school year, and in-year admissions in 2023/2024. This information is updated each year from 12 September to include new roads and developments.

Important update: The school information for some addresses in the following postcodes has been updated as of 22 September 2023. If your postcode is listed below, please recheck your child’s nearest school information.

IP6 8EH, IP6 8EQ, IP6 8ES, IP6 8ET, IP6 8HF, IP6 8JJ, IP6 8JL, IP6 8LY, IP6 8NA, IP6 8NB, IP6 8NH, IP6 8NJ, IP6 8PF, IP6 8PR, IP6 8PS, IP6 8PT, IP6 8PU, IP6 8PX, IP6 8PY, IP6 8PZ, IP6 8SX, IP14 4BN, IP14 4BY, IP14 4BZ, IP14 4DA, IP14 4DB, IP14 4DD, IP14 4DE, IP14 4DF, IP14 4DG, IP14 4DR, IP14 4DS, IP14 4FG, IP14 4FH, IP14 4FJ, IP14 5BJ, IP14 5FH, IP14 5US, IP14 5UT, IP14 5UW


Suffolk County Council (SCC) funded school travel is provided to the nearest suitable school that would have had a place available for your child when they are: a) aged under 8 and live more than two miles from the school; or b) aged 8 or older and live more than three miles from the school. This would be whether or not an application was made for a place at that school. The distance in a) and b) above is called the statutory walking distance. Please note:

  • We will only provide SCC funded school travel to your child’s catchment area school when it is the nearest suitable school to their home that would have had a place available for them and they meet the distance criteria.
  • Your School Preferences and the order in which you put them on your admissions application could affect your child’s eligibility for SCC funded school travel. If SCC funded school travel is important to you, you should apply for your child’s three nearest schools in the order they appear on the Nearest School Checker.
  • More information is available at Full details of the School Travel Policy can be found on the Suffolk Onboard website. 

Find your nearest school

To find your child's three nearest Suffolk schools for travel purposes, please enter your full postcode then press Enter or the green search button.

Help using the checker

If you have any issues using the Nearest School Checker, please contact Customer Service by emailing or calling 0345 600 0981.

How the checker works

This checker shows the three nearest mainstream schools in Suffolk to the address selected, measured by the shortest available walking route. It does not include Independent schools, Special schools, Specialist Units or Pupil Referral Units.

If a Suffolk child’s nearest school is in another county and meets the distance criteria, SCC funded school travel would be provided to that school.

Routes are calculated using a network comprised of the Ordnance Survey MasterMap Highways Network (which includes all roads and urban paths), and Public Rights of Way as shown on the Definitive Map.

Distances are measured from the point of the network that is closest to the address point selected, to the nearest school gate or access to the school.

The OS MasterMap Highways Network is regularly updated as new roads and paths are built. The Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way is also regularly updated.

We update this checker annually at the beginning of September using the latest data.