Education Admission Appeals and Permanent Exclusion Reviews

Who to contact if you've been refused a place at the preferred school for your child and about Permanent Exclusion Reviews.

Impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on Education Admission Appeals

We are accepting appeal applications. If possible, email your application to as access to our office to collect post is currently limited.

Submitted Education Admission Appeals

For parents who have already:

  • submitted an appeal for high school places before the deadline of 30 March - we are currently in the process of arranging appeal hearings.
  • submitted an appeal for primary school places before the deadline of 18 May - these appeals will follow on after the conclusion of high school appeals.

You will be contacted a minimum of 14 days before the hearing which will be held remotely. Full details of how you will access the appeal will be provided.

Education Admission Appeals

If you've received a letter from an Admission Authority refusing your child a place at your preferred school(s) in Suffolk you've the right to appeal that decision.

The Education Appeals Office arranges appeals for:

  • all local authority and voluntary controlled schools
  • all local authority voluntary aided schools
  • the majority of academies

How to make an appeal

Read a guide to school admission appeals (PDF, 208KB)

Download and complete either:

Send the completed and signed form to:

Education Appeals Office
PO Box 579

Contact us

Call us on 01473 264219 or 01473 264218 or email

Permanent Exclusion Reviews

If your child has been permanently excluded from a Suffolk school and the governing body of the school has upheld the exclusion. You'll receive a letter from them to confirm the decision.

This letter will also include details of how to request a review of the decision and a deadline date by which you must lodge your review application.