Making a complaint about a school

An explanation of what the complaints process may look like within an education setting

All schools in Suffolk are committed to providing the best education for young people. We want our children to do well and be happy, healthy and safe.

We are aware that there may be occasions where people have concerns or complaints about their child’s school. If you are unhappy the first step you need to take is to obtain a copy of your school’s complaints procedure. The information explained on this page is to help parents and carers understand what may be involved. However it is only intended as a guide.

Complaints are not dealt with by Suffolk County Council, but by the individual school.

To understand how a school may deal with a complaint, you can read the model school complaints procedure document, which is an example of the type of procedure that a school may choose to follow. If a school does choose to follow the same procedure as explained in our model document, it is their decision. Academies and faith schools usually have their own complaints policies and procedures.

As a parent or carer you must get the school's own policy, and follow the procedures set out in that document.

The only occasions where Suffolk County Council would become involved is in respect of schools maintained by SCC where the complaint is about the Chair of Governors, or the complainant believes that the school has not properly followed its complaints procedure or has not acted fairly or reasonably in responding to the complaint. Please see page 5 of the model school complaints procedure for a full explanation of this process.