Analysis of Additional Needs Tool

An explanation of everything you need to know about an Analysis of Additional Needs Tool (AANT) and how to arrange one in your setting.

The AANT is an evidenced-based framework, comprising an online assessment and analytical tool followed by telephone, video conference or face to face consultation, guided by an experienced child & educational psychologist (EP). This process delivers a comprehensive psychological consultation and a report summary outlining inclusive strategies and signposting to resources that have been agreed during the consultation process.

Anyone can be the consultee in an AANT, and it is most usually a key adult within an educational setting such as a SENDCo, to support identification, intervention planning and improved outcomes for children who require additional support. The AANT takes place adult to adult, and helps you plan effectively and to comprehensively support young people with additional needs.

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The AANT consultation process provides staff in any educational setting including Designated Teachers and Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENDCos) with a clear framework for developing effective intervention strategies and for building capacity within the school community to support children who might otherwise have experienced school and/or care placement disruption.

How does it work?

  1. A consultee logs securely into the AANT site and completes a detailed assessment, including collaboration with family / carer to gain their views.
  2. This is received by an experienced child and educational psychologist, who then analyses the information provided in depth and will contact the consultee to arrange a convenient time for their consultation.
  3. The preparation time this gives for both the EP and consultees, helping to avoid problem-saturation and instead open up a strength-based conversation.
  4. The consultation takes place for between 45 minutes and an hour. A positive collaborative list of actions with timescales is formed and can be printed off by the consultee as a summary report, alongside a range of person-centred resources. Outcomes and actions are revisited in line with overall planning and review systems.

How to book an AANT

To book an AANT please contact us, or purchase from the e-store.