Fostering and adoption

Find out about fostering and adoption with Suffolk Fostering and Adoption, who are part of Suffolk County Council.

Some children's dreams are often heartbreakingly simple; the love of a family, a feeling of belonging, home cooking, someone to show an interest and be there for them.

Children who need fostering or adopting need someone who can understand what they've been through, look at the world through their eyes and provide warmth, consistency and emotional support.

This is where you come in

Leaf family on the beachIf you are looking for a new challenge, have patience, compassion and have a spare room, you could provide a child with the secure home life they need to thrive and achieve.

It could be just for a few weeks or months, but for many it will be for the remainder of their childhood.

Through training and support we can help you to develop the skills and expertise to provide the therapeutic parenting they need to provide them with a brighter, more positive future.

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