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Contact details

Telephone: 01473 260818

Email: suffolkvirtualschool@suffolk.gov.uk

Twitter: @SuffolkVirtual

What is a Virtual School Head (VSH)?

The Children and Families Act 2014 requires councils in England to appoint a Virtual School Head to discharge the local authority’s duty to promote the educational achievement of its children in care.  The Virtual School Head is the lead responsible officer for ensuring that arrangements are in place to improve the educational experiences and outcomes of the authority’s children in care (CIC), including those placed outside the caring authority’s boundaries.

The Ofsted inspection framework for local authority services to CIC has very clear expectations of the information that will be available to inspectors, and these expectations influence both the work of the Virtual School Head and the organisation of the Virtual School.

In Suffolk the Virtual School Head leads a small team of professionals: the Suffolk Virtual School. You can read our brief guide to the work of the Virtual School (PDF, 495KB).

What we do

We offer support, guidance, training and challenge to ensure that educational services are effective in maximising the progress the progress that our children make in school. We do this through:

  • Tracking academic progress, attendance, and exclusions of CIC
  • Quality assuring all Personal Education Plans (PEPs)
  • Providing support and challenge to schools to ensure that academic standards are raised for CIC
  • Using our tracking data to highlight individuals who are not on target to achieve their predicted outcomes and challenging their settings to provide them with additional education support
  • Ensuring Special Education Needs or Disability needs are identified and supported appropriately with an integrated plan
  • Monitoring and challenging schools to make effective use of the Pupil Premium Grant for CIC
  • Ensuring effective transition between schools or specialist providers
  • Encouraging a culture that supports our young people to have high aspiration about their futures and removes barriers to further education
  • Leading training for Designated Teachers, Social Workers, School Governors, Foster Carers and bespoke training for educational settings and staff in schools
  • Providing advice to social workers and carers to ensure they contribute to the education outcomes of children on their case load or in their care placement
  • Celebrating CIC achievements
  • Supporting the delivery of the Children in Care Promise

Annual Reports


Suffolk Virtual School contact details

How to communicate with the Virtual School

If sending information to the Virtual School which identifies a child or young person, please do so securely.  

From December 2017, emails which include sensitive information sent by the Virtual School to schools, or other agencies, services and professionals will be encrypted using Microsoft Office Message Encryption (OME).

Emails marked as OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE sent using OME include instructions on how to access the encrypted message. Find out more about how to read and reply to secure email from Suffolk County Council.

If you have an enquiry about a child who is in the care of another local authority please contact the relevant Virtual School: Other Virtual Schools.

Virtual School Contact:

Since September 2017, we have re-modelled our service and moved away from an area-based structure to a county wide model, with a school improvement team and an inclusion team. Please note we are no longer known as LACESS. 

The Virtual School currently consists of:

Virtual School Office:

  • Sarah Webb, PEP/PP+ Monitoring Officer: 01473 260120
  • Isla Baker, PEP Technician: 01473 260818
  • Nicola Clifton, PEP Technician: 01473 260694
  • Sonali Ganguly, PEP Technician: 01473 260818

Latest news from the Virtual School

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September 21 2018

  • Please see here for our autumn term newsletter for social workers.

September 19 2018

  • The Suffolk Virtual School is pleased to announce we are organising a county-wide free full day Conference on 12 February 2019.

    Confirmed speakers to date include Daniel Sobel, Inclusion Expert and author of Narrowing the Attainment Gap; Tracy Fielding, HMI for the Eastern Region and Betsy De Thierry, author of Teaching the Child on the Trauma Continuum.

    The conference will be held in a central Suffolk location, to ensure it is accessible to delegates across the county; schools are invited to sign up two delegates, however we cannot guarantee the second place. The second delegate will be placed on a reserve list and allocated a place if there is sufficient capacity to do so. 

    Booking is available using CPD online. Select either the Schools Choice or Multi-Agency link before you log in to the system and use the event code SVSCONFERENCE for one space or SVS/RESERVE if you wish to sign up a second delegate.

September 7 2018

  • Please see here for our autumn term newsletter which we will be sending out to designated teachers. 

May 16 2018

  • Please see here for the first of our regular newsletters which we will be sending out to designated teachers. 

May 7 2018

  • We are very pleased to welcome Michelle Bird, Post 16 Lead to the team.  Michelle may be contacted on 07725 781990 or email michelle.bird@suffolk.gov.uk.

May 4 2018

  • Please see the 2018-19 PPG letter (PDF, 76KB)  sent to finance managers and school offices at schools with Suffolk looked after pupils. 

April 24 2018

  • Please see the Summer Term 2018 letter (PDF, 70KB) from Matthew Cooke sent to Designated Teachers at schools with Suffolk looked after pupils.

March 14 2018

March 5 2018 

January 2018 

  • Changes to CLA Tracker and the PEP process for children in care attending alternative provision or on a reduced timetable have been implemented.  A new tab has been added to capture the timetable and education provision for these young people.  Supporting documentation (PDF, 425KB) has been written to guide completion of this new section of the PEP. For support or further information please contact Nicky Clifton on 01473 260694.
  • Please see the Spring Term 2018 letter (PDF, 86KB) from Matthew Cooke sent to Designated Teachers at schools with Suffolk children in care. Please also see the Spring Term 2018 letter (PDF, 90KB) sent to Finance Officers which sets out the arrangements for payment of Pupil Premium Grant for Suffolk children in care. 
  • Spring Term training is taking place in January and March and can be booked now via CPD Online
  • 'Creating attachment friendly schools' training is taking place in March and November and being delivered by the Permanence Team. Download the event information for Schools Choice Attachment Training March 2018 (PDF, 321KB) and Schools Choice Attachment Training November 2018 (PDF, 321KB). Please contact Jane Leighton (Educational Psychologist, Schools’ Choice) for more information and how to book on.

Communicating Securely

The way Suffolk County Council sends emails that include sensitive information is changing with Egress being phased out and replaced by Microsoft Office Message Encryption (OME).  From Friday 1 December 2017 emails containing sensitive information sent from the Suffolk Virtual School inbox (suffolkvirtualschool@suffolk.gov.uk) will be encrypted using OME.  Information in the email will provide instructions on how to access the encrypted message.  Implementation of the switch from Egress to OME is taking place over the next week, with all email accounts for staff in the Virtual School team being switched to OME by Friday 8 December 2017.

Find out more about how to read and reply to secure email from Suffolk County Council.

Autumn Term 2017

  • Please see the Autumn Term 2017 letter (PDF, 180KB) from Matthew Cooke sent to Designated Teachers at schools with Suffolk looked after pupils. Please also see the Autumn Term 2017 Finance letter (PDF, 90KB) sent to Finance Officers setting out the new arrangements for the payment of the Pupil Premium Grant for pupils in the care of Suffolk County Council.
  • Autumn Term Designated Teacher Network Meetings are available and can be booked now via CPD Online.
  • Post 16 PEP Training for Designated Teachers in all colleges, sixth form and training providers is available and can be booked now via CPD Online
  • Social Worker Training Events are available throughout November and can be booked now via CPD Online. See the Support for Parents, Carers and Social Workers pages for more information.

Summer Term 2017

End of term Thank You from the Virtual School

  • Please see the end of term letter (PDF, 278KB) from Matthew Cooke sent to all schools with Suffolk looked after pupils.

Changes to Personal Education Plans

  • The Directorate at Suffolk County Council has approved a new protocol for Personal Education Plans (PEP) for Children in Care. Please see the approved paper (PDF, 477KB) for further details.
  • Designated Teachers will now be able to log on to the online portal CLA Tracker to complete the Summer Term 2017 PEP document. Read guidance on using the CLA Tracker (PDF, 400KB).
  • Repeated opportunities for last term's training are available throughout the Summer term. Places can be booked now via CPD Online.  
  • The deadline for completing the Summer Term 2017 PEP document is Friday 21 July 2017.

Changes to administering the Pupil Premium Grant

  • The Suffolk Virtual School has revised the method of paying the Pupil Premium Grant to schools.  Submission of the PEP for the current term is required for the following term's payment.  The Summer Term’s payment is dependent on schools having submitted the Spring Term 2017 PEP by the 31 March 2017 deadline. The Autumn Term 2017 payment is dependent on submission of the Summer Term 2017 PEP by Friday 21 July 2017.

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