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Early intervention and prevention for children living in children homes

Introduction to Staying Close, which is a pilot project to develop the early intervention and prevention offer to children living in children homes in Suffolk.

Staying Close

Staying Close is a three year pilot project working with Suffolk County Council Children’s homes and The Ryes Children’s Homes in Sudbury.

Our aim is to:

  • develop the early intervention and prevention offer to children living in children's homes to change their life outcomes from the difficult circumstances that they currently face.
  • help the children move on successfully and sustainably before their 18th birthday
  • provide a continuity of established relationships and support with residential care workers as young people in our children’s homes and The Ryes Children’s Homes move to more independent living.

Our operating model will provide:

  • Early planning
  • Placement stability of accommodation
  • Access to support
  • Staff resourcing
  • Transition to full independence
  • Parallel offer for children placed in Suffolk from Out of County

We were awarded £787,000 to setup Staying Close with The Ryes Children’s Homes in Sudbury.


Staying Close 'getting to know you' questionnaire

The survey is used in the early stages of working with a young person to build a picture of what kind of support and preparation they may need for independent living.

Email to request a unique reference number that you need before you complete the questionnaire.