Children's accommodation service

Find out about admissions to Suffolk County Council's children's homes.

About the children's accommodation service

The children's accommodation and support service runs and manages children's homes within Suffolk for some of the most vulnerable children in our community.

The needs of our children are extremely diverse, which is why we aim to provide a wide range of placement and support options that will enable the children and young people to have a safe, nurturing, homely environment.

We're monitored by the independent Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership. The Partnership involves children, families, partner providers and other stakeholders.

We continue to review and improve our practice in line with current legislation and good practice research, and by investing in the modernisation of buildings, staff training and development.

Admission to children's homes

Admission to all Suffolk County Council children's homes is by way of initial referral to the central placements team based at Endeavour House, Ipswich.

Referrals are assessed and approved by individual home managers.

All possible care is taken to ensure that the children accommodated meet all the criteria of registration, length of placement, and what happens at the end of the placement, where appropriate.

Suffolk County Council's children's homes

Suffolk County Council has five children's homes. Their contact details are:

  • Alexandra House: 01284 741281
  • Ashby House: 01502 674840
  • Elizabeth House: 01502 712659
  • Heather House: 01473 263935
  • Redwood Lodge: 01473 260005