Financial declaration form (AF1 / EAF1) and financial assessments

If you're receiving adult social care services, you need to complete a financial declaration so we can work out what you might need to pay towards your care.

How it works

When you make a financial declaration, we'll complete a financial assessment.

The financial assessment tells us how much, if anything, you need to pay towards your care. Find out more in our guide to paying for social care services 2020/2021 (PDF, 141KB).

You can complete an electronic Financial Declaration Form (EAF1) using our Suffolk Adult Care Portal.

If you're not currently receiving social care services, please do not use the EAF1 form. You can get an estimate of what you might need to contribute to your care costs using our Care Cost Calculator.

Proceed to EAF1 form

Completing the form online is quicker and easier. However, we can also accept a paper version of your form (AF1). You can ask the person helping you arrange your care and support to provide you with a copy.

What happens next? 

Once we've received your fully completed form and all of the other information that we need, we'll complete the financial assessment within 28 days.

We'll then send you a letter letting you know:

  • how much you'll need to pay towards your care and support services
  • how we've worked this out
  • how to arrange payments