Pain management

How to deal with chronic pain, including advice from organisations, a list of pain management services and local activities.
Older woman with neck and shoulder pain
Pain is something that we all have at some time in our lives. However, if you live with chronic pain, it can affect your mental and physical wellbeing and social life and may mean that you are unable to work.

If you have been struggling with pain for more than 12 weeks, please contact your GP (doctor).

Many organisations can support you and help you cope with pain so that you can have a better quality of life.

Advice and information about managing pain

The British Pain Society has information for people living with pain, including:

More tips and guidance about living with chronic pain:

Pain management services in Suffolk

Some pain management services need to be referred by a health professional. The services available in Suffolk are:

Support groups and activities in Suffolk

Suffolk InfoLink has lists of groups, activities and organisations you may find useful: